If you have worshiped with us and are interested in learning more about becoming part of the Good Shepherd church community, we invite you to join us for our New Member Series. This intentional, yearly practice for prospective members and current members alike will allow you to delve into your faith journey, meet others that are interested in learning more about our church, meet others that have been a part of this faith community for years, and hear about the values of Good Shepherd and how we live them out in our ministries. 

Inquiry Stage (Fall) 

For those interested in finding out what it means to be a disciple at Good Shepherd or those just wanting to deepen their faith, drop in to any or all of these monthly gatherings to have holy conversations and meet some of the folks at Good Shepherd.

Rite of Welcoming

Those individuals interested in exploring the Good Shepherd community are publicly identified.

Exploration (Epiphany)

Prospective members (catechumenates) commit to three of the four sessions focused on continuing to concentrate on their faith through videos and discussions. 

Rite of Enrollment

Catechumenates make the commitment to enter into the Intentional Preparation phase.

Intentional Preparation (Lent)

During Lent, the congregation joins the catechumenates and their sponsors weekly to walk alongside them as they deepen their faith together.

Easter Vigil

New members join Good Shepherd through baptism or affirmation of baptism at the Great Vigil.

Baptismal Living (Summer)

Catechumenates take time to practice and explore the information that they gained during the Way of the Shepherd process, preparing to re-enter the process, if desired, as a member of the congregation.

To learn more about joining Good Shepherd Lutheran Church or the New Member Series, contact the Church Office, info@gslchurch.org.