Mnene Parish

In 2000, our congregation responded generously to a plea for support of orphans in Mnene Parish, Zimbabwe. Today, we directly sponsor more than 40 orphans in need of education, food, supplies and prayers. Our goal is to support these children until they can sustain themselves following post-secondary education.

Want to Make a Difference?

  • Through the $upport an Orphan program, you can pledge to financially support an orphan. 
  • Each week, we pray for all the orphans of Mnene parish and pray for a couple specifically by name. 
  • Each spring, we raise funds for orphan support through the Penny Wars Fund Drive. The funds raised are used to feed, clothe and educate boarding school, day school, and post-secondary school students. 
  • Mail for Mnene/Adopt an Orphan allows individuals in our community to pray for and write letters to an orphan, virtually “adopting” them without an associated financial commitment. These letters, collected five times a year, allow “our family” to share with the orphans a message of on-going support and love. 
For more information, contact the Mnene Ministry Team,

ELCA Hunger & Mission Appeals

Nearly 800 million people – that's 1 in 9 people in our world today – are hungry.

As members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), we are called to respond. We are a church that rolls up our sleeves and gets to work.

ELCA World Hunger is uniquely positioned to reach communities in need. From health clinics to microloans, water wells to animal husbandry, community meals to advocacy, our gifts to ELCA World Hunger make it possible for the ELCA to respond, supporting sustainable solutions that get at the root causes of hunger and poverty. Learn More.