We are excited about what Realm offers us as a church family and how it helps us accomplish our mission of growing a Christ-centered community through life-changing service. If you regularly attend our church, you can use Realm for online giving, connecting with others, and keeping up with groups (e.g. ministry teams, small groups).  If you need an invitation to Realm or have questions, contact the church office.

What Can You Do With Realm?

Your Profile

We want to keep in touch with you, so use Realm to keep your profile information updated. When you log in you can change an email address, a phone number or even change your picture.

Your Giving

Manage your giving as recurring or one-time donations in a secure, easy-to-use environment. Contribution statements are always available. Online giving is convenient for you, and it saves us time and money.

Your Groups 

Stay in touch with those closest to you at Good Shepherd or meet new people. Groups are a great way to get and stay connected. For example, your small group or class may have a group in Realm to keep the discussion going even after the class is over.

A notes on joining Realm:

Only one user can be associated with a given email address. If you share an email account with someone, one of you will need to create a new email address for your account on Realm.