Children and Youth Milestones

for Blessing the Seasons of the Christian Life

At Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, we recognize, honor and bless the many developmental milestones our children and youth encounter on their faith journey. The blessings aim to facilitate faith conversations between parent and child both at the event as well as in daily life. It all begins with the Baptismal Seminar for all parents desiring to have their child baptized. Baptismal Seminars occur throughout the year, open to all, and are scheduled as desire arises. At baptism, families receive a Frolic First Bible, Prayers for Faithful Families, and a Baptismal Chest which can be filled with gifts received at future Milestone Blessings.

One Year-Olds - Blessing for Baptismal Anniversary. Gift: Mealtime Prayer Cube

Two Year-Olds - Blessing for Welcoming Children into Worship. Gift: Booklet for Worship Buddy

Three Year-Olds - Blessing for Entry into Sunday School. Gift: Spark Story Bible

Kindergartners - Blessing for the New School Year. Gift: Backpack Tag

2nd Grade - Blessing for Receiving Your First Bible. Gift: Spark Bible, NRSV Translation

4th Grade - Blessing for First Communion. Gift: Paint-Your-Own Communion Chalice

6th grade - Blessing for Entry into Confirmation. Gift: Small Catechism

8th grade - Blessing for Confirmation. Gift: Framed Bible Verse and Photo

High School - Blessing for New Drivers. Gift: Lanyard

12th Grade - Blessing for High School Graduates. Gift: Laundry Bag or Tote

For more information on Milestone Blessings, contact the Andrew Buck at