What We Trust

  • We trust that God continues to speak and move in this world, primarily through people.
  • We trust that the scriptures are full of faithful stories, poems, histories, first-hand accounts, and visions of God’s work with humanity across the ages.
  • We trust that Jesus is God’s embodied love letter for our world. 
  • We trust that love is stronger than hate. 
  • We trust that God calls us into communities who, empowered by the Holy Spirit, help to turn the world around.
  • We trust that God shows up in bread, wine and water.
  • We trust that God loves people, even people who don’t love God.
  • We trust that God creates, that Jesus redeems, and that the Holy Spirit motivates.
  • We trust that you’ll be welcome here and can help us change lives.

GSLC is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), a historic group of Christians dedicated to asking good questions in this world framed through the lens of Jesus. You can find more about the ELCA here. Through the ELCA, we work with our local North Carolina churches (called a Synod) to change lives in our state, and we partner with the Lutheran World Federation to change lives throughout the world. Good Shepherd has been supporting local ministries and the larger outreach of the ELCA since 1983.