$upport an Orphan

There are many ways to help in this vital ministry to lift up the orphans of Mnene. One is with financial support for tuition and board, school fees, uniforms, food supplements, and medical costs for the orphans in the program from elementary school through university or technical college.

Each orphan is placed in a situation where they can succeed and thrive depending upon their individual talents. Additionally, a placement is more successful if there is some extended family close by. School costs vary depending upon the school or university in which the child is enrolled, if additional tutoring is required, or if the orphan can live with an family member.

The average cost to support an orphan is $1,600 per year. If you would like to help with this ministry financially, please click on the button below. You may set up recurring annual, semi-annual, or monthly on-going contribution or a one-time gift. Any size contribution is welcome!