Welcome to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Raleigh, NC. We are glad that you have found us online! Please take a moment to complete this connection card so that we can help you connect with Good Shepherd in a meaningful way.

We’re glad you’re here. We’re glad you’re here whether you're married, divorced, or single. We’re glad you’re here whatever your sexual orientation. We’re glad you’re here whether you’re a life-long resident of Raleigh or just moved to the area from the far-flung reaches of the world. We’re glad you’re here no matter your race, where you’ve come from, or where you see yourself going. We’re glad you’re here whatever your spiritual background. We’re glad you’re here whether you love organized religion or have been burned by it and are skeptical of it. We’re glad you’re here whatever your political party, whatever flavor of ice cream you prefer, and whatever kind of coffee you drink.

We bring all of our faults and flaws, all of our gifts and talents, all of our addictions and recovery stories, all of our true, whole selves to this place.

Old, young, or somewhere in between, we’re not just glad you’re here; we're better for it because God in Christ has called us all to do this thing called life, together.

Here at GSLC we do it through active praise, loving service, and intentionally cross-generational community.

And we want you to be a part of it.

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Our Mission

At Good Shepherd, our mission is growing a Christ-centered community through life-changing service.

  • Our Values

    Embracing all God's children - When you walk in, this feels like a place where you belong—even if it’s your first time. The  warmth of friendship and acceptance draws you in until, before you know it, it’s home. 

    Learn more about Worship at Good Shepherd.

  • Connecting with God and others - Our lives are connected through God’s grace. As we cultivate relationships centered in  Christ, we see how our lives can be stronger when we follow Jesus together.

    Learn more about Connecting at Good Shepherd.

  • Developing life-long disciples - As we develop spiritual disciplines in our lives and grow into stronger disciples of Christ,  we are reminded to keep our focus on God’s Word. And then we bring others along with us on the journey.

    Learn more about Children, Youth and Adult Sunday Morning Education at Good Shepherd.

  • Serving with compassion - There is a desire to reach outward to those in need, whether it’s here in Raleigh or  around the world. The compassionate heart is rooted in the foundation of this church, and it continues today as we serve our community with compassion.

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