End of Year Giving Opportunities

For many, the closing month of the calendar prompts a further opening of our hands in blessings shared. As we pause to give thanks as a country and turn to receive the Christchild again this Christmas, here are some ways to participate financially in the life of the God who is always showing up to us as gift.

General Ministry Fund

Our general ministry fund is the primary vehicle for funding God’s activity at Good Shepherd. We feel so grateful that you have continued to contribute remarkably during this year of pandemic. Understandably, our shared offering has not quite covered expenses, so ending the year well, here, will set us up for even more exciting post-pandemic opportunities.

Above and beyond our General Ministry Fund, designated giving opportunities include:

Organ Fund

Thanks to a very generous matching gift and a wonderful response from the congregation, we are very nearly there on completing the purchase of new organ pipes: less than $2000 to go.

Mnene Parish Orphan Support

Our partnership and support for the orphans of Mnene Parish in Zimbabwe continues. The pandemic has further complicated life in Zimbabwe, which continues to endure a years-long drought. Our gifts provide for the basic needs and education of these precious young people.

Ministry Partners

We commend the places where we see God at work beyond our own walls. These places include our own community partner agencies, ministry partners within the broader church (particularly Camp Agape, who is in the final phase of an emergency appeal: agapekurebeach.org/building-love) and other meaningful outposts of God’s activity in Wake County and beyond.