Children and Youth Milestones

for Blessing the Seasons of the Christian Life

At Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, we recognize, honor and bless the many developmental milestones our young people encounter on their faith journey, together with their parents. Many of the blessings aim to familiarize and equip parents with resources to continue celebrating the milestone at home for years to come. Partnership with parents to practice faith in the home is what we strive for.

One Year Olds - Blessing of Baptismal Anniversary  Sunday, January 7

Celebrating and equipping families to celebrate their child’s baptismal anniversary at home each year.

Two Year Olds - Blessing and Welcoming Young People to Worship

Three Year Olds - Blessing for Entry into Sunday School  Sunday, September 10

Welcoming our young ones into Sunday School and introducing them to the Worship & Wonder space.

Kindergartners - Blessing of Backpacks  Sunday, August 6

Blessing our children's transition into elementary school and equipping parents to bless the beginning of each new school year.

3rd Grade - Blessing of New Bibles  Sunday, May 6 

Honoring the transition from Worship & Wonder to 4th grade Sunday School, 3rd grade students are gifted their own Bible to use each week starting the following September.

4th Grade - Blessing of First Communion  Thursday, March 29

Honoring and celebrating the sacrament of First Communion.

7th grade - Blessing for Entry into Confirmation At-Home Visits  August

8th grade - Blessing for Confirmation Banquet  May

Celebrating the accomplishments of two years in the Confirmation program and blessing the next stage of Christian life.

9th grade - Blessing upon Receiving a Learner’s Permit  Sunday, October 22

12th Grade - Blessing upon Graduation Party  Summer

Celebrating the accomplishment of completing high school and equipping parents with an at-home blessing to be done when the child leaves home.

Dates above are for the 2017-2018 school year. For more information on Milestone Blessings, contact the church office at