Growing a Christ-centered community through life-changing service. This is our mission here at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, but how can you find out what is going on and fully engage with our community? Good Shepherd uses The City, an online communication tool, for church and ministry team news, events and service opportunities. Get connected to the Good Shepherd community on The City!

Top 5 Questions about The City

Question #1: What is The City? 

There are many different ways to describe The City, but it all comes down to communication. The City will help us all stay connected in a central location, extending our ministry throughout the week. It’s a group-oriented communication tool that’s all about helping our church build deeper community. 

Question #2: Why does our church need The City? 

We are a church with numerous vibrant ministries and opportunities, and there is so much information to share. The City gives ministry teams an easy way to organize, communicate, simplify and unify the way that we, as a church community, communicate.

Question #3: Why do I need The City? 

Good Shepherd on The City is the place where you can find out about all that is happening at Good Shepherd. You will need to join The City to access this information. There are additional benefits for you, too. In The City, you are able to tailor the communication that you receive from Good Shepherd by joining groups and ministry teams that you are already a part of. This minimizes the amount of information that you receive about those ministries and events that you are not involved in and allows you to focus on those which you are interested and involved in.

Have you ever tried to email someone only to realize that their email address has changed? With The City, users manage their accounts and keep their contact information updated, dramatically improving your ability to reach them even when their contact information changes.

Question #4: Is The City secure? 

The City is very secure. Specific information on The City’s security measures is available in their Help Resources.

Question #5: How do I join? 

If you have already received an email invitation to The City, you will need to accept the invitation from that email. If you have not received an email, you can request an invitation to Good Shepherd on The City. Once you have joined, look for the “To Do” topics to help you fully engage on The City.


A couple of notes on joining The City:

Only one user can be associated with a given email address. If you share an email account with someone, one of you will need to create a new email address for your account on The City.

Signing up with an email address that’s already in our church’s database automatically adds all existing data to your new online account on The City within one day.